Hello people! It’s such a beautiful winter time and yup, absolutely perfect to spend your time reading my blog. But before I start this,  guys please do read my previous articles to get a clue of what is this all about. 

Every person defines joy in a different manner. To many people it’s a feeling which  contents them.  Others may think of it as a pleasurable feel. Many people get confused between joy and happiness. They are similar but not the same. Happiness is a common feeling of satisfaction and pleasure in short, whilst joy is relatively stronger and a less common feeling which comes from within. So moving ahead, we’ll explore both. 


As joy is a positive feeling or call it a state of mind, it compliments our body in many ways. 

It reduces the chances of suffering from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, respiratory infections and pulmonary diseases. Psychologically, joyous people tend to secrete about 50% more antibodies than average in response to flu vaccines.  It also helps the heart beat faster, maybe this happens due to the secretion of adrenaline which sends the brain into an ecstatic state. This reduces the risk of death of a person upto 50%.

Most of the behavioral results of joy are know by y’all. Yet I’ll discuss them with some newer ones. 

It has a positive effect on our whole being which also includes the behavior. This results in thinking optimistically, laughing out, doings things ideally and increased concentration levels. It also helps people to be productive as it encourages us to do,  mostly, newfangled things.


Here are given several steps to be happy which are really very simple. 

 Things mentioned above were quite relevant, weren’t they? Along with these, to stay happy you can perform activities that you relish or wanted to do. Never worry too much about anything and always have a smile on your face as it’ll help you to deal with your problems easily. 

Enjoy your life to the fullest and be happy as much as you can, it’s gonna help you succeed.

(Some of the content is written based on appropriate tests, studies and researches.) 


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